Over fifty varieties of fresh fish and shellfish

Our regulars tell us they love being inspired by the range of fish on our displays. We stock all the nation’s favourites – salmon, tuna, cod and haddock — and they’re the freshest you’ll find. But why stop there, when there are so many other amazing varieties to try?

Come in and let our expert fishmongers suggest something to suit your needs. We can offer good-value alternatives to over-fished varieties or recommend something special along with advice on how to cook it. As well as dozens of species of fresh fish, we offer delicious smoked fish and a big range of fresh seafood including finest scallops and Maldon oysters.

For a little helping hand in the kitchen, try our ready-made marinades, stocks, infused oils and flavoured salts. We also stock a range of sauces and pickles by Manfood — for when you need a condiment that really packs a punch.

Clams cod — Coley — Grey mullet — Haddock — Hake — Hot smoked salmon — Kippers — Lemon sole — Mackerel — Mussels — Monkfish — Oysters — Plaice — Pollock — Prawns — Rainbow trout — Red bream — Razor clams — Red mullet — Salmon — Sardines — Sea bass — Sea bream — Sea trout — Scallops — Skate — Smoked haddock — Smoked mackerel — Snapper — Squid — Swordfish — Tuna — Plus seasonal specials and exotic frozen seafood