We care about where our fish comes from

We like our fish to have the shortest journey possible from the ocean to our customers’ plates. That’s why we buy direct from the day boats of Essex and other coastal fishing ports as well as sourcing the highest-quality produce from Billingsgate, the UK’s largest fish market.

We source our fish responsibly. Where possible we buy wild, line-caught varieties such as our seabass, tuna, mackerel and grey mullet. We try to bring you the best-tasting fish with the minimum impact on the ocean.

Take our halibut, trout and Scottish salmon – they’re raised on organic fish farms, which means they’re fed only natural fish feed (no growth hormones, no other nasties) and are kept in vast ocean enclosures, as similar as possible to the wild.

Using farmed fish not only takes the pressure off depleted fish stocks, but can also be more cost-effective, meaning we can give you better value for your money.

Wherever possible, we use species that have been Freedom Food labelled. This means that it’s been assessed to strict RSPCA standards, which cover the entire lifecycle of the fish.